Ixion is the companion story to Shades of Gray.  It focuses on a boy named Vivan and his life growing up in the desert.  It also deals with the spiritual beliefs of the kilm, especially as understood by the Desert Tribes.



When does this comic update?

Not very often and not on a set schedule.  The story is much shorter than Shades of Gray, but is also paced against it.  I’m planning on breaking the story up into 18-page chapters that will be released (hopefully) twice a year, at least to begin with.


Why have a comic that updates so infrequently?

The main purpose behind Ixion at this point is to illustrate a way of life and a set of beliefs that would be impossible to show in the technologically-driven, mixed-species reality of Shades of Gray.  While the comic itself might not update very often, there are supplemental pages that contain a growing archive of kilm mythology and the characters within it.


When does Ixion take place?

Roughly at the same time Shades of Gray does.  Vivan is seven years older than Ten.


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